Glenda Cosenza

Alfred Author-Glenda Cosenza

Glenda Cosenza has been an Orff educator since 1990, and a music education professor since 1996. In 2006, she was granted tenure at Northern Illinois University. Before that, she taught general music and chorus to grades K-8 in public and private schools in New York and New Jersey. From 1976-1982, she took a hiatus from teaching to pursue a singing career (opera and choir) in New York City. Her publications include Swingin' on the Bars and articles for music education journals. Her current research focus is on the teaching of writing (language arts) to young children through creative movement to music followed by drawing. To that end, she works in the Rockford Illinois Public Schools through a federally-funded Grant Project with her University and District 205 in Illinois, replicating an earlier project done in the Chicago Public Schools. When she is not teaching or researching, Glenda loves to travel, read and spend quality time with Athena, her chocolate lab.