Jim Solomon

Alfred Author-Jim Solomon

Jim Solomon is a National Board Certified Teacher, author and national clinician. He is a music instructor at R.B. Hunt Elementary in St. Augustine, FL, where he works with General Music classes, Chorus, Recorder Club, and D.R.U.M., a special percussion group for 5th-grade students. Each summer, he teaches the Orff Level 1 teacher training course at the Eastman School of Music and works with Kdgn-High School students at Eagle Arts Camp. He has also taught this summer teaching Level 1 at the University of Oregon. He was Teacher of the Year for St. Johns County in 1991, and he has presented at twelve previous AOSA National Music Conferences. Among his six books are D.R.U.M., Conga Town, and Tropical Recorder (co-author). He has also produced a video titled Congas, Bongos & Other Percussion A Guide to Technique