Joel Leach

Alfred Author-Joel Leach

Joel Leach serves as Professor of Music at California State University in Northridge, California, where he founded the Music Industry Studies and Percussion programs. He also directed CSUN's award-winning jazz band for 26 years.

Mr. Leach is the author of Percussion Manual for Music Educators, Music Copyright Basics, Scoring for Percussion, and A Concise Guide to Music Industry Terms. As a composer/arranger, Mr. Leach has published more than 170 publications for percussion, as well as concert, jazz and marching bands. Additionally, he has authored more than 300 magazine articles for percussion, jazz and the music industry.

Mr. Leach is a past president of the International Association for Jazz Education (IAJE).

Beyond the field of music, Mr. Leach authored Airfare Secrets Exposed as well as the nation's best-selling book on earthquake preparedness, Earthquake Prepared.