Michael and Angela Souders

Alfred Authors - Michael and Angela Souders

Michael and Angela Souders met while performing at a theme park in Virginia. Angela is a singer, dancer, and choreographer with a degree from Old Dominion University. Michael’s classical and jazz training from James Madison University, along with the couple’s pop/rock background, combine in an eclectic mix of fun and serious styles. The Souders have found a niche in the patriotic genre, with their most popular work to date being “Thank You, Soldiers,” which has surpassed two million views on YouTube and has been performed all over the world. Despite the depth and meaning of the lyrics they formulate, their whimsical style and sing-able melodies will have you humming their songs after just one listen. The Souders are both elementary school teachers and continue to write and promote their own music. You can learn more about them by visiting their website at www.restored.faithweb.com.