Savage Rudimental Workshop
A Musical Approach to Develop Total Control of the 40 P.A.S. Rudiments
By Matt Savage
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ISBN 10: 0757902251
ISBN 13: 9780757902253
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Category: Percussion - Snare Drum Method
Format: Book & 2 CDs
Instrument: Snare Drum
This unique book is a state-of-the-art resource for developing total control of the 40 Percussive Arts Society rudiments with immediate results---and in a musical context. Each rudiment includes a collection of short exercises and solos, allowing the player to understand how each rudiment is put together and how it can be played in the most efficient and controlled manner utilizing the particular skills learned. The two CDs include selected exercises with the rudiment solo and accompaniment for each, plus ten groove tracks for use with the exercises. For beginning to advanced players.